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Successful delivery of long rod electric butterfly valve in Banbei Hydropower Station in Liuyang City
Time:2018/9/15 17:28:06
On the morning of February 11, 2015, Hunan Prince finally got two sets of DN800 electric extension rod soft sealing butterfly valve and one DN600 electric extension rod soft sealing butterfly valve of Liuyang Banbei Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. before the small night. Three sets of matching expansion joints were sent to the power station smoothly, and the delivery time of the power station was met in advance.


Liuyang City Biebei Power Station is a power station under the Hunan Provincial Water Resources and Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd. Because it is a reconstruction power station, the site is limited. In order to meet the installation requirements of the butterfly valve, Hunan Princes Company is based on: surpassing customer expectations, quality to achieve future service concepts, and sending people to conduct site survey and adjustment plans twice before and after. The leaders of the Water Resources Department and the power station have been thoroughly informed and field-tested and compared. In the end, our company's timely pre-sales technical service support and high-quality product strength have won. The company completed the project in advance with quality and quantity, and was highly praised by the leaders of the Water Resources Department and the power station.


There is no end to the service. I believe that Hunan Princes will be recognized by more customers with the principle of sincere service to customers.


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