Type C Cone Valve
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PRECISE® C series cone valve is a kind of advanced piping control equipment which is improved and perfected continuously on the basis of importing and digesting domestic and foreign advanced sleeve valve. It is usually installed at the terminal of pipeline which provides a simple solution for the pressure and flow control of pipeline. With advanced principle, novel structure, adjusting range, adjustment of high precision ,simplified operation,convenient for maintenance, long service life and high precision ,simplified operation, convenient for maintenance, long service life and high cost-effectiveness, these series of products are usually used for continuous discharge flow control in unloading and discharge of the dam and hydro-generating bypass.


Cone valve which is also known as energy dissipation valves has excellent effect of energy dissipation. In addition to install a conical spool the port terminal, all the running parts of cone valve are set in the external valve channel, so that the internal valve usually flows smoothly, with high flow and low pressure drop losses, the cavitation and vibration won't happen during the entire working process, and the effects of flow control still remains fine in low flow condition.

It has a structure of a fixed inverted cone, with advanced hydraulic designed form and diversion wing blade support which can reduces vibration.The flow is controlled by external moving sleeve. With metal to metal sealing seat and soft seat, the double-sealed valve body can ensure the sealing performance.

When releasing into the atmosphere,the water flow diffuses with a broad cone angle and decomposed into thin spray form, dissipate the energy into the air. According to the actual needs of controlling the water flow of the region,It is common to install a specially designed diversion cover at the outlet, which can not only mix air and water but also control the range of water impact.

Product Performance

1.Fine hydraulic conditions. with a higher Flow coefficient than other valve does,Cd = 0.86;

2.The switch and flow control of the valve is controlled by external moving sleeve It's a linear relationship between the valve's flow coefficient and the valve's opening

3.Simple in structure and weighs light. All the transmission parts are set outside the valve body that is convenient for maintenance ;

4.Small opening and closing force. Easy to operate.It can be applied to small and medium-shaped hydraulic sites without power supply by installing opening and closing actuator of electricity, gas or hydraulic operation to achieve remote control or automatic operation;

5.The spraying water togue is horn-shaped when discharging.With air diffusion and aeration, the effects of the energy dissipation are good.

6.Due to the uniform division of fluid through the internal diversion wing, vortex and vibration will not occur;

7.The double-sealed settings with good sealing effect.

8.In order to decompose fluid into thin spray form or off impact by Circular convection,it is possible limit the divergence angle so that it can apply to different working conditions

9.It can be installed at any angle while it is the most common to be installed horizontally at 180 °.

Typical Application

Discharge of the dam

Hydro-generating bypass

Flow control

Energy dissipation and reducing pressure

Typical Structure

Item Name Material
1 Body Carbon steel+ 304 or 316
2 Sealing seat Stainless steel
3 Diversion cone Carbon steel
4 Sealing ring NBR or EPDM
5 Gate 304 or 316
6 Transmission echanism Carbon steel+Stainless steel

Model Designation

① Valve type code:

② Driving mode code:C20; cone valve;M—Manual driving mode;E—Electric/manual driving mode;H—Hydraulic driving

③ The inlet diameter of valve: unit, mm

④ Sleeve diameter: unit, mm

⑤ Sealing code:X-rubber;H-stainless steel;S-double seal

⑥ Nominal pressure: unit, bar(10×MPa)

⑦ Characteristic code: A1~A9;B1~B9......

Type illustration:

Nominal diameter 1000mm, nominal pressure 1.6MPa, double sealing , electric driving,cone valve with hood, type:C20E1000S1-16A1.

Description For Order

In order to ensure your requirement forusage,please explain in detail in your order:

1.Layout, function, driving mode and controlling mode of the valve.

2.Working media, pressure and temperature,etc.

3.The driving mode and controlling requirements.

4.The outlet form, installation mode,dissipation form,etc.


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