P series piston valve
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Piston Valve


The piston valve regulates the flow of the medium through the axial movement of the piston-shaped outlet member, which can meet various special adjustment requirements. It is mainly used for pressure regulation of fluids and steam and has the following advantages:

● Low torque

● Linear linear adjustment of flow

● Effective energy dissipation, no cavitation

● No vibration during operation

● Accurate aeration

Technical Characteristics

● The distance between the flange faces is in accordance with EN558-1

● Both ends of the flange comply with the ENl092-2 standard

● Straight stroke control valve

● The valve piston is balanced by force and the operating torque is small.

● Fluid section circular symmetry

● The water flow section is ring

● Axial movement of the piston through the crank link

● Customized export parts according to working conditions

● Self-locking worm gearbox and position indicator

● Elastomeric seals in the waterless flow zone are durable

● Brass surfacing guide strip in the valve body is resistant to wear, corrosion and infiltration

Main Material

● Valve body: ductile iron EN-JSl030 (GGG-40)

● Guide strip: Brass surfacing

● Piston: Stainless steel 1.4301

● Valve seal: EPDM, NBR, PTFE

● Internal components: stainless steel

● Bolt: Stainless steel A4 (DINENISO3506)

● Bushing: brass

● Lifting ring for lifting: galvanized steel 1.0401 (C15)

● Other materials are available upon request

Corrosion Protection

● Internal and external epoxy resin wet spray, or high temperature resistant epoxy paint


● Standard series as described above

● With electric actuator

● With pneumatic actuator

● Specially designed expansion joints are available upon request

Model Selection

● The slot outlet part can be used for the flow of high pressure differential suspended particles (Fig. "JP")

● With an outlet part suitable for high pressure difference (Fig. "DY")

● The seat has a cut-off end and a suddenly enlarged cross-sectional area to control the lower differential pressure (Fig. "WZ")

● Customized according to customer needs

Factory Testing

● Every piston valve will be factory tested before leaving the factory.

● Its factory inspection standard complies with ENl2266 standard

● The specific test standards are as follows:

Piston Valve Technical Information


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